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Get to know our Casting for Escorts in Marbella. Do you want to work as an Escort in Marbella with a prestigious agency that will take care of you? Are you an attractive, sensual woman and want to get the most out of yourself? Are you studying and need money to pay for your studies? Or simply, do you want to live new experiences and have some extra income?

At Class Marbella we look for ladies who lead a healthy lifestyle, with a well-cared physique, who are elegant and with a good education.

If you are an attractive, sensual and morbid woman, you have a great future in our agency. Make our casting for Escorts in Marbella. You decide what, when and how. You don’t have to worry about the rest. If you decide to join our agency, we will help you achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

For any type of doubt or query regarding the agency, our escort girls or about the services provided, do not hesitate to get in direct contact with the best Escort girls in Marbella.

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If you wish, you can send us your data through the form, we will make an appointment to have a first contact and resolve all your doubts without any commitment. If you finally dare, we will carry out a small casting for escorts in Marbella.
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Why work with Class Marbella Experience?

In addition to the guarantee of working with a professional agency that has a history of more than 15 years in the luxury escort sector, we offer you the utmost confidentiality and respect, always ensuring your well-being, your integrity and your safety.

What type of clients will I accompany?

We have a very wide and varied clientele, as well as loyal and recurrent. In general terms, the profile of our clients corresponds to men between the ages of 30 and 50, with a cultural level and medium-high purchasing power. They are aware that our agency is very demanding in terms of consensus, ethics, respect and education and, in the same way, we must guarantee them the utmost discretion.

Where will I meet clients?

Always in downtown hotels or in apartments by the hour, where access to the rooms is private. We never close encounters that are not discreet or that are not safe for our girls.

How does Class Marbella ensure my safety?

Our motto is “sex can have a price, but people don't”. And for this reason we put all the necessary means to guarantee the well-being and integrity of each of our girls. If necessary, we will put a driver at your disposal. It should be noted that in our 15 years of experience we have never had any incident.

Can I combine this with my studies or work?

Indeed, that is what it is about. In the same way that you are free to decide to be part of our agency, you also choose when to offer your services, their hours and with which clients. We like that our escorts are free to have their lives on the sidelines.

How should I go to appointments?

You must bear in mind that at Class Marbella we are known for offering a unique and exclusive luxury escort service. You must know how to combine elegance, sophistication, and punctuality. So it is essential to keep in mind that your way of dressing, as well as your makeup and your perfumes, must denote luxury and class.

How much money could you earn?

It depends on the time you want to dedicate to it and the involvement you want or can have. In all honesty, you could earn really considerable sums of money and, therefore, lead that lifestyle that you now dream of and would have always liked to have.

Can I leave it whenever I want?

Of course, you will not acquire any kind of commitment in terms of length of stay. In the same way that you decide when to start, at any time you can disassociate yourself from our agency and, thus, stop offering your services. At that precise moment, all your information, both that which appears on the website and that which is of an internal nature, is permanently and irretrievably deleted. In addition, on our part you will have all the facilities you need if at any time you feel that this stage of your life has to come to an end.

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